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Pedro's Green FIZZ 500ml

Pedro's Green FIZZ 500ml

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Pedro's Green Fizz 500ml uses proprietary surfactants instead of solvents which allows dirt to be effortlessly wiped or rinsed from bike. Biodegradable solvent-free formula.


  • Spray straight from the bottle onto all parts of the bike and let sit for a few minutes Do not let dry
  • Rinse well with water using low to medium pressure and then dry with clean rag.
  • Green Fizz can also be used without water using a rag or, for extreme jobs, mixed into a bucket of water. Then dip a brush into the suds and scrub the whole bike.
  • Though it will remove some dirt from chains, cassettes and chainrings, Green Fizz is not designed for heavy duty degreasing. Instead, use Pedro's By Grease degreasers for the best results.Green Fizz is now clear, to help make it even greener. Pedro's have removed the green pigment from green fizz, to increase its already excellent bio-degradability.


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